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Darvishi Holding

Real Estate and Construction

Nowadays, the real estate and construction has become one of the major industries in Iran, covering a wide range of subsid - iary industries.

A huge amount of money is spent by both private and public sectors on the real estate and construction industry.

The private sector has specifically turned to the construction industry owing to its unique opportunities as well as ideal, guar - anteed profitability and substantial added-value.

For this purpose, Darvishi Holding has so far been pursuing the construction business as one of the essential economic pillars, accomplishing several prominent projects over the last few years.

Relying on the past experiences, taking advantage of the lat - est technology and strong determination, Darvishi Holding has been devising and completing a number of special construction and civil development projects.

There are several crucial factors contributing to the expansion of the construction industry, particularly in macro-level decision-making.